Paradise Valley Springs



Our cheeky mountain parrots the ‘Kea’ are not to be missed!  Unique to the South Island of New Zealand, the Kea has been scientifically proven to be one of the world’s most intelligent birds.

A very mischievous bird, this is the parrot which has been known to damage parked cars (and any other property that has been left out in their territory) with their very strong beaks.  There used to be a bounty on their heads and an incredible 150,000 of these impressive birds were hunted up to the 1970's – but this nationally endangered species is now protected by New Zealand law.  Numbers in the wild are estimated at only 1,000-5,000 birds.

A walk-through extension was added to our Kea aviary in late 2008, allowing you to be in with these cheeky parrots!  The entrance is through a replica high country musterers hut, typically found in areas of the South Island.

Every day at 3.00pm is feeding time for our Kea where you can get the opportunity to learn a bit more about these clever birds.


Check out the Kea Conservation Trust Website.  On this site you will find out information about one of New Zealands most charismatic species inclusive of current research, threats to Kea and how you can make a difference.


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Paradise Valley Springs