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Get up close and personal with our Dama Wallaby family.  Pat and hand feed these gentle little animals. 

Being a marsupial they carry their young in their pouch - for approximately 250 days.  At the moment we have four mothers with baby joeys in their pouches.

They were introduced to New Zealand in the 1870's and are found wild around Rotoruas' lakes after being released there in 1912.  Wallabies are a big pest as they eat our native vegetation, forestry plants as well as pasture.  It is illegal to keep a wallaby as a pet.

They have slowly spread throughout the Bay of Plenty and into the Waikato region, and numbers are on the increase.

If you see a wild Dama Wallaby please report the sighting by calling 0508 WALLABY.  You will need to tell them exactly where you saw it (or them). We also ask that you leave your name and contact telephone number so that they can call you if they need more information.


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Paradise Valley Springs